Velux Window Blinds

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Product Name: Velux Blinds

Product Detail

Introducing Velux window blinds, where innovation, style and functionality come together to transform your living spaces. Dive into the range of Velux Blinds and discover how these products can elevate your windows with precision light control and stunning design options.

Velux Siesta Blinds - Transform Day into Night

Siesta Blinds from Velux are your perfect choice when you desire a complete blackout effect. With their aluminium backing, these blinds not only turn day into night but also reduce heat gain and heat loss, making them energy-efficient. Choose from a wide range of colours and designs to match your decor.

Velux Roller Blinds - Simple Privacy and Sun Control

Velux roller blinds offer a basic level of privacy and sunlight control. With a vast selection of colours and patterns, you can effortlessly find the perfect Velux roller blinds to complement your interior decor and preferences.

Velux Pleated Blinds - Privacy with a Touch of Elegance

Pleated blinds from Velux provide privacy and sun screening without completely blocking out natural daylight. These blinds add an elegant, soft and decorative effect to your windows. Explore our extensive range of colours and patterns to find the perfect match for your home.

Velux Venetian Blinds - Precision Light Control with Classic Style

Venetian blinds by Velux give you complete control over both the amount and direction of light. These blinds offer a classic style with practical simplicity. Opt for an aluminium coating option to further enhance energy efficiency.

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Take your windows to new heights of style and functionality with the Velux blinds range. Whether you seek complete blackout, privacy or precision light control, these blinds provide the perfect solution for your home.

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